Homologated for road use

First public road compliant amphibious boat, the TRINGA drives you from your residence to the sea by road, without leaving your helm seat.

Quick and easy launching

Aboard your TRINGA, launch in as little as 44 seconds. Without a trailer or a truck, from a beach or a slipway.

No berth needed

Parking your TRINGA in your garage or garden, sheltered from hurricanes, extends its lifetime.

High performance at sea

Designed by seasoned naval architects, the hull of the TRINGA offers unmatched performance at sea. At sea, the wheels retract into the hull to preserve a hydrodynamic line, like in aircrafts.


The TRINGA is an all terrain vehicle, able to cross soft and dry sand, thanks to its all wheel drive, deep tread tyres, traction control system, and suspensions.

Intuitive driving

The touchscreen dashboard of the TRINGA allows easy and safe control of the amphibious system and onboard equipment, thanks to realtime feedback and interactive assistance.