Pre-order provides a slot and rank in the production planning. Pre-order is effective after you have completed a deposit of USD 2000 on the bank account of your local TRINGA-center. Your TRINGA-center is the closest dealership to the place where you want to store your TRINGA.

Within 24 hours after you have filled the form below, you will receive an email providing you the banking account number of your TRINGA-center. After your deposit is effective, you will receive an email to confirm your pre-order and production booking.

When your TRINGA is about to be launched in production, you will be invited to shift it into an official order. The invoice will be discounted of the amount of the pre-order. First pre-orders will be fulfilled in 2024.

Cancelled pre-orders are refunded at 80% of the deposited amount, or fully if the pre-order is older than 18 months.

Select the TRINGA-center the closest to your parking address:

Collected informations will only be used by TRINGAboat and shared with the dealership of your choice. They remain confidential and will not be shared with any other third party.