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Amphibious revolution : freedom to sail

Available in Florida

After 3 years of availability in Europe, TRINGAboat is setting foot in the US, starting with Florida. To upgrade your lifestyle as if your home were waterfront, pre-order your TRINGA now at your local dealership. A program is available to share ownership with a potential neighbour.

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Homologated for road use

TRINGAboat is the only manufacturer of amphibious boats authorized to drive on public roads. With a regular driver's license, drive to the boat ramp closest to your residence.

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Freedom to sail

Improvising an excursion has never been this easy: embark from your garden, and reach the sea without leaving the helm. No mooring, dinghy, trailer, or even car is necessary.

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Uncompromising performances

Equipped with unique amphibious technologies, the TRINGA matches or even outperforms conventional boats at sea. The wheels rectract and a hatch seals the hull, ensuring uncompromising aerodynamics and maneuverability.

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Open deck

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Three elegant and customisable versions, ready for all nautical activities